Teamwork, Empowerment, Generosity, Kindness

Thank you for your consideration - welcome educators!


Kindergarten Waltz

2nd Grade Merengue

4th Grade Foxtrot

10th Grade Tango

all grades eligible K-12

** Booking Now:   FALL 2019 **

MINI Residency*= 12 lessons/class 

FULL Residency = 20 lessons/class

Step 1 )  Book your complimentary trial class!  We believe you should try before you buy!  Pick a day in June for either your staff or for a selected class of children.  We will gladly give you a taste of what is to come.  You will also gain some observation of how the material lands with your students and staff. 

Step 2)  Choose from the available start dates :

September 23          October 8

September 24          October 9

September 30          October 29

*In the MINI residency, the first four lessons will occur in the first two weeks. 

Thereafter, lessons can occur once/week 'til the end of the full course.

Step 3)  On  the date that is assigned to your school, the instructor will be available to teach up to four class periods.  One class/one grade per period (no double classes).  Please select the classes/grades you wish to participate.  * The school will need to provide the appropriate private classroom/stage and a functioning electrical outlet with extension cord.  

Step 4)  Payment:  50% due upon the first day, 50% on the last contracted day. 

Fees are based on daily rates and an average student headcount of 20/class. 

Each school can have up to four classes/day.

Contract Fees:

MINI Res = 12 visits =  $ 3,300

FULL Res = 20 visits = $ 5,000

 If you are applying for grant funding, please let us know - We will do our best to accommodate!  Kindly contact us for W-9 Form  & EIN details.

Step 5 )  Ask questions!  We understand scheduling demands -

Please let us assist you in anyway we can.


Social Dancing and Good Citizenship: 

Students will experience teamwork and energized empowerment as they work together to learn the merengue, swing, waltz, tango, rumba, and foxtrot.  The country of origin will be discussed as well as cultural differences. Instructors will include Math and Spelling in coordination with Academic Teachers.  Scaffolding through SEL reflection and management, civic etiquette and cultural tolerance will be explored.  

If time permits, the students will have an opportunity 

to present what they have learned.

** Instructor has passed required RI & NY fingerprinting and background check **